As With All Good Things, Hercules Moments Has Come To An End

It is with heavy hearts and sad souls that we have to close down Hercules Moments. Unfortunately we no longer have the capacity to keep it awesome and bring our readers a regular dose of excellent music, so we have decided to disband. We are going out with a bang though – we are releasing our final (and best ever) sampler of Aberdonian music, and we are hosting a gig at Downstairs to say farewell. Here are a few words from our core team, reflecting back on the 5+ years of Hercules Moments:

"I can still remember the day I was sitting in school, waiting for class to start, when Russ asked me if I wanted to start a review blog with him. We were both really into music and finding new things to listen to, and wanted to be able to share that experience.

Hercules Moments quickly grew into something more than we could ever have imagined. Within six months of reviewing singles and albums from some of our favourite independent labels, we were in the VIP section of Rockness interviewing musicians who had appeared on TV. Shortly after, we released our first free sampler of Aberdonian music. We were living the dream.

Over the years, more than 25 talented individuals have lent their writing, photography and artistic skills to Hercules Moments. Together we covered albums, singles, EPs, gigs and festivals; interviewed stars and highlighted up and coming artists; shared our passion for a variety of different genres of music. Our expanded editorial team – Siobhan, James and head photographer Dave – were instrumental in helping Hercules Moments become the success it was.

Hercules Moments will always hold a special place in my heart. It started me on the path to becoming a professional writer, and has given me so many memories that I will hold on to for years to come.So all that’s left for me to say is thank you, reader, for sticking with us. I am incredibly proud of all we have achieved with Hercules Moments, and hope you have enjoyed coming along for the ride."
Eoin Smith, Co-founder

"Being invited by Eoin and Russell to take part in the running of Hercules Moments in second year of university was a huge honour. It has allowed me to discover so much excellent new music – local, national and international – through putting my eagle-eye to use in the editorial department. Eventually my confidence grew and I started to write a few things here and there, and I even interviewed one of my favourite singer-songwriters, Willy Mason, when he was in Aberdeen supporting another favourite singer-songwriter, Ben Howard. For me, that was one of those ‘wow, I cannot believe I get to do this!’ moments and I am so grateful that I got that opportunity. 

I am going to miss being involved in the Aberdeen music scene, but I feel lucky to have been able to work with what ended up growing into a great group of lovely, creative people. We have disbanded because of all living in different cities now and having full-time jobs (ugh, grown-up life!), but that doesn’t mean we are any less passionate about music. Thank you to everyone who has read our articles over the years, and please continue to support your local music scene however you can." 
Siobhan Hewison, Editor

"Nothing is immune from death, not even the venerable Hercules Moments. So it is with that I bid adieu to the site and those of you who have kindly lent the odd 5 minutes here or there to stop by and read. I have had great pleasure through the years writing about music we have cared enough about to put in writing why you should be listening too.

I have grown up since my days of leaving school with putting together Hercules Moments with others who were immensely kind enough to give up their time too to make the site work. So i’d also like to take this time to thank everyone who has contributed, your contributions are more appreciated than you know. I guess we have all moved on a lot since the site started and it is with that situations changed and we have to say goodbye."
Russell Thom, Co-founder

"Really, waxing on about music until I’m blue in the face is about as good as it gets for me, so to have had the privilege to do that with my friends has been wonderful. But, the best thing about Hercules Moments being in my life has been seeing and working alongside some of the most dedicated musicians, promoters and venue organisers I’ve ever met in my life, and that especially goes for my fellow writers too. People with a real passion and commitment not just for music, but to sharing their experiences with other people and creating a community where they are are able to inspire and support one another. That kind of generosity of spirit was something I hadn’t counted on as a twenty year old moving five-hundred miles from home for university, but its the thing I’ll remember the most from these times. And yeah, good things do come to an end, but the music we love will continue to bring us together, just as it brought us at Hercules Moments together in the first place." 
James MacKinnon, Editor

"Sadly we have reached the end of Hercules Moments run, and with that the time also comes to say a couple of words in honour of five years worth of albums, gigs and music.Rather than persist with the literature though, I figure that since I was originally drafted in as a bloke with a camera, my thoughts always head back to heading off to gigs with SLR in tow, and so it would instead be more fitting to direct you to some of my favourite shots - shots taken watching new artists first visiting Aberdeen; three songs spent next to the PA sat on the floor of the Beach Ballroom swaying wildly to the enthusiastic bouncing of hundreds of Bowling For Soup fans; being introduced to some of my now-favourite bands such as Blood Red Shoes or Meursault; and the indescribable experience that was having one of the earliest bands I got to shoot being the Flaming Lips at Rockness - dancing Teletubbies, confetti and all, here are a few of my favourite photos from the last five years…"
David Lovie, Photographer & Writer

Thank you to all of you who made Hercules Moments possible. We will never forget how awesome these last 5+ years have been.

With love from,
The HM team.