An Announcement: Sampler Vol. IV Launch and Farewell Party

Hello good readers and fanatics,

You may have noticed it's been very quiet here over the last few months. The truth is with life taking us down different roads from where we started six years ago, we over at Hercules Moments have been unable to give the website and the wonderful music we support the time it really deserves. So after much deliberation and hesitancy we have decided to shut up shop here and put Hercules Moments on indefinite hiatus.

We are not planning on going quietly though. As a parting gift we've put together our fourth and biggest sampler to date, featuring some of the finest musicians playing today in the Granite City and beyond including:

Ashley Park // Best Girl Athlete // Callahan // Cara Mitchell // Carson Wells // Cold Years // Craig John Davidson // Daemons // Daniel Mutch // Das McManus // Daydream Frenzy // Forest Fires // Foxhunting // Hjeartzz // IndianRedLopez // Katerwaul // Kitchen Cynics // LENIN DEATH MASK // Lizabett Russo // Marionettes // Min Diesel // Stanley // The Little Kicks // The Lorelei // Turning Thirteen // Wendell Borton 

We're really excited about what could be our best sampler to date and with twenty-odd tracks it resembles a giant riffy monster. It will be available to download through the website on Sunday 21st June, so watch this space.

To mark the occasion we are putting on one final hurrah at 20:00 in Downstairs on Sunday 21st June and we're pleased to announce the line-up is:

Carson Wells
Best Girl Athlete
Steven Milne (acoustic set)

We've picked some of our favourite bands and Downstairs has quickly become a core part of Aberdeen's vibrant music scene we all love, so if this is to be our testament we couldn't ask for a better way to go out, short of putting on a gig on Mars. Full details can be found at the Facebook event and tickets can be bought in advance here.

So please come along to help celebrate / commiserate with us. Please spread the word, tell your friends and above all keep local music alive.


The HM Team