Heidi Talbot ft. King Creosote – Button Up

Button Up is the new single from Irish folk singer Heidi Talbot’s most recent album, Angels Without Wings which has received acclaim in both mainstream press and more niche publications. It’s borne from Heidi discovering that Kenny Anderson (more commonly known as King Creosote) would pick her as a lead vocalist in a fantasy band he created for The Independent newspaper. Already a fan of his, Heidi ‘wrote the melody for Button Up and imagined [Kenny] singing the high chorus in his great falsetto and [she] asked him to write the lyrics and sing it with [her] and [she] was delighted when he said yes!’

Indeed, Kenny’s imperfect but lovely falsetto is the perfect foil to Heidi’s flawless voice that sounds like silk being wound through my ears every time I listen to her. Seriously, I’ve seen her live a couple of times and she’s just like this perfect Irish angel with her brilliant voice. On Button Up, however, she’s kept grounded by Kenny and the simple yet insistent melody which weaves around a somewhat bittersweet love song. Their voices work well when they join together later on in the song which has a bit more of an edge to it than you might expect from Heidi. Hopefully the collaboration will open both artists up to wider audiences and perhaps pave the way for the pair to work together again in the future.

Button Up by Heidi Talbot ft. King Creosote is out on December 1st via Navigator Records


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