65daysofstatic - Wild Light

In the past I have described 65daysofstatic as post-rock. Then, more recently, as something that closely resembles live electronica. Now, though, I'm not quite sure that either description fits the bill. Or, perhaps more accurately, their sound is a complex mix of the two. On Wild Light 65daysofstatic take the best parts of all their previous albums - the technical drums and sizzling guitars of The Fall of Math, the cinematic grandiose of Silent Running, the thrilling electronica of We Were Exploding Anyway - and somehow combine them into a whole new beast. 65daysofstatic are not a band that evolve their sound in baby steps; they take leaps and bounds towards a brave new world of sonic experimentation. And, luckily for us, we're invited along for the ride.

Heat Death Infinity Splitter is a slick and atmospheric opener: thick buzzing synths draw the listener in and take you on a Light Cycle ride through a futuristic world. It builds slowly, expanding with each repetition until guitar squeals herald the triumphant finale. It's a journey in itself, but this is only the beginning...

What follows is an album of complex beauty: the post-apocalyptic dancefloor groove of Prisms laced with jabs of insistent synths, the twinkly piano interlude in guitar-driven The Undertow, the classic 65 sound on Blackspots and Sleepwalk City which gives way to chilled out Taipei (before that, in turn, explodes into a glorious cacophony of guitars). Unmake The Wild Light and Safe Passage then bring the album to a rousing close.

As you might expect from a band with its roots in post-rock, Wild Light is an album that is written to be listened to as an album - as a complete whole - and not shuffled on an iPod. Flecked with hints of light and dark, this is a multi-faceted record that will only reveal its secrets with multiple listens; layer upon layer of intricate detail lies in wait, just begging to be discovered. So go out there and discover it; listen to 65daysofstatic's latest masterpiece and let yourself become totally immersed. You won't regret it.

Wild Light by 65daysofstatic is out on the 16th of September via Superball Music.

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