Ghostpoet - Cold Win

Cold Win
 is the second single from Ghostpoet’s critically acclaimed second album, Some Say I So I Say Light. It’s a great single with a good beat - simple and repetitive in a way that doesn’t bore but instead draws you in, so you end up listening to the track in a sort of trance-like state. The simplicity of the music also makes Obaro Ejimiwe’s droney yet hypnotic voice, which rhythmically churns out the lyrics, stand out and sound rather like urban poetry. 

The lyrics are deep and pensive, and deal with the issue of being stuck in a rut working a job you hate (in a fast food shop in this case) and being filled with the anticipation of getting out and living a fuller life. There’s an almost melancholy tinge to the song and the lyrics in the chorus, especially “I need to go back before the sun goes down on my heart,” are particularly poignant. However, a glimmer of hope is present, especially in the lyrics “six months I’m out of here, saving up the pennies”. It’s a bleak song, but it manages to not be depressing.

The last minute or so of the track swiftly brings the song to a close and leaves you waiting for more. It’s a fuzzy jazzy brassy segment, which is totally different to the rest of the track, but totally works.

I’ll admit that don’t like this song as much as the first single, Meltdown, but I think it’s a good album track and a good second single, as it showcases Obaro Ejimiwe’s excellent songwriting and really gives you a feel for what Ghostpoet’s music is all about. It is reflective of the sentiment in the rest of Some Say I So I Say Light, and the darkness that fills his music - due to the honest portrayal of love, life and urban living - really comes across in this song.

Cold Win is out on the 26th August through Play It Again Sam.


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