Daydream Frenzy - The Tunnels, Aberdeen, 14/08/13

Having loved seeing Daydream Frenzy at Aberdeen’s Tunnels a while ago, I had snapped up their first EP, Calling Stars, before I left the gig. When the chance came up to review them as they played the venue again as part of a mini Scottish tour, how could I refuse? I went there eager to hear more and expecting it to be a good dose of fun. Upon leaving the gig, my ears were roaring… But it was definitely worth it! My expectations were met and I, along with everyone else in the crowd, had a brilliant time.

Opening for Daydream Frenzy in his debut was Christy, an acoustic solo act who definitely made a great start to the gig by giving everyone something to tap their feet to and get enthusiastic about. The Bowling For Soup covers at the end of his set – particularly 1985 – got a really good response from the crowd and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him.

The second support act of the night was an Inverness band performing in Aberdeen for the first time. Last Summer Effect kept the very vibrant mood going, and there were many people clearly loving every minute. A Bruno Mars cover – Just the Way You Are – brought a few extra people forward and, at the risk of Bruno fans hating me for life, was actually a better version than the original. Again, a thoroughly enjoyable act that kept things loud and lively in preparation for the main band of the night.

What can I say about Daydream Frenzy? They smashed it. Despite a stressful and unavoidable late arrival in Aberdeen, they put on an amazing show. They played songs I love from the first EP, Pretty Girl and Behind Circles, as well as some newer material that the crowd loved. In the midst of the loud, energetic music that filled The Tunnels, Daydream Frenzy played some acoustic gems that really mixed it up: Passion Sparks and Rearrange Tomorrow. The former was a solo from lead singer and guitarist Donald Barclay, and it was great to see such diversity in the set.

Proving that at a Daydream Frenzy gig there can be all kinds of enthusiasm, somewhere along the way a mosh pit began, following clapping and lighter waving from the more mellow among us. I found that this obvious excitement from the crowd was really infectious, and the overall atmosphere of the gig from start to finish was electric. It was great to see so much support for a band that was so genuine and so positive.

Overall, I had a fantastic time and simply loved the gig. I leave readers with a quote from a loyal friend of Daydream Frenzy, who just managed to sum up in three words what I think many people now feel about the band: “they’re totally awesome.”


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