Chalk - Chalk

Chalk, also known as Steven Stride who hails from Brighton, is releasing a self titled debut album which I have no doubt is going to make him a serious contender for the memorable singer-songwriters club. Especially as the album is beset with influences from artist such as Elliott Smith and Scott Matthews.

The album is introduced with a track called No One's Listening, which despite the title, really grabs your attention. Definitely my favourite track on the album. It's well balanced, features strong emotive lyrics, and the style reminds me of early Bright Eyes material.

In Why Do We Have To Get Along I really liked how the guitar has a very intricate multi-melodic part, with a nice touch of harmonics, contrasting with the simple elongated vocals. This a great example of Chalk using guitar to emphasise the content of his lyrics.

Oh Charlotte is a nice rhythmic change compared to the rest of the album, and is your quintessential heartbreak song. Although the volume changes, which were well intended I’m sure, give off the impression of being badly recorded.

All These Things is another great track with lovely progressive guitar, and the lyrics show slightly more optimism than the rest of the album. “We can work around getting lost in this town, we don’t need maps when I’ve got a plan,” he sings. 

If you enjoy stripped back vocals and depressing lyrics, Chalk is a new artist for you.

A video for the album track In Your Suit and two free downloads - In Your Suit and Next To Useless - will proceed the album, and you can catch him at the Guildford Boiler Room on the 27th September, and at the Windmill Brixton, in London, on the 28th. 

Chalk by Chalk is out on 2nd September 2013 via Sonic Anhedonic Recording Co.


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