Myke Black - Here It Goes

If you’re interested in music and live in Aberdeen, chances are you’ll have come across Myke Black. One of Aberdeen’s best-known singer-songwriters, he has a fantastic ear for a melody so it was with great interest that I clicked play on his new single Here It Goes.

Well, where do I start? This is certainly a departure from the music I’ve heard from Myke before. The catchy melody lines and memorable lyrics are still there, but gone is the acoustic balladry; in its place is a kind of energetic synth-pop that grows through the 4 minute running time. It’s an interesting move that works to varying degrees of success: while the chorus is catchy and upbeat, and the music is suitably punchy, I’m not so keen on the vocoder-heavy breakdown in the middle section.

Here It Goes is certainly a good song; however it doesn’t strike me as strongly as past single Do What You Want. That being said, Myke hopes to break into the UK Top 40 with this track and he stands a very good chance of doing just that.

Here It Goes by Myke Black is out on the 1st of July on iTunes.


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