Midnight Horrors - Exposé

You’ve probably never heard of Midnight Horrors, a band of mid-teens hailing from Peterhead, but all that might just be about to change. After gigging around their hometown for a couple of years, they’re beginning to venture out into the world to bring their upbeat indie-pop to the masses. And with that comes their debut EP, Exposé.

The EP starts slowly with Diane which, in all honesty, is probably the weakest track on the record. Not that it’s a particularly bad song, but it sounds a little too much like popular Aberdeen indie act Marionettes and doesn’t really represent the band’s sound as well as the rest of the EP does. That said, the last minute or so of the song is pretty bombastic, and really benefits from it: Midnight Horrors are a band that are at their best when they’re blasting tunes out with the amp turned up to 11.

Prima Donna Pop Princess which follows is definitely a step in the right direction: punchier and more upbeat, it’s a fun track with plenty of rock 'n' roll swagger and a nice little bit of riffage in the outro. Final track Flowerhouse too is an energetic indie-rock romp. It’s the track sandwiched in the middle of these two, though, that really shines brightly.

A music industry professional once told me that he always skipped to the third track on any disc he was given, as it was always the band’s best song. In the case of title track Exposé, that’s definitely the case. It’s bloody fantastic: the vocals are spot on, the melodies are catchy as hell, the guitars are nice and loud. Slapping in a kick-ass wee solo at the end is a stroke of genius, and I could listen to this track all day long.

Like all debut EPs, Exposé is a little hit or miss but thankfully it’s definitely more hit. For a group of lads aged around 16, this is a strong and accomplished first release, and I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.

Exposé by Midnight Horrors is out now, and is available for free from Bandcamp


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