Uniform - Postcards From the Past

Without a doubt, Uniform begin their new EP Postcards From the Past with the best song: Hide Your Eyes. When I first heard it I had a real love for its smooth, mellow feel and beautiful vocal, and I felt I would definitely want to hear it again. There seems to be a Travis influence in some of the melodies, though Uniform give this track a nice up-to-date twist and it works really well. This is a chilled-out and hopeful song that’s relaxing to listen to and very enjoyable indeed.

Up next on the EP is Under the Stars. In a way, this track reminds me of a smoother, mellower Rocket Summer. There is a great piano intro that starts the song incredibly well however I have a slight problem with the vocal: at many points it’s very quiet and drowned out by the music. It just doesn’t sound quite right. That aside, the track is still very enjoyable and well worth a listen!

Is This Just What it Takes has an excellent start; getting straight into the lyrics, the music builds up slowly until it bursts into something catchier and more energetic. It does seem to stay quite similar a lot of the way through from that point, but nevertheless it has a certain charm that might just make people smile.

The penultimate track on Postcards From the Past is a slow and gentle one called Letters. Once again, Uniform have managed a very effective build from quiet and basic to intense and rich, and this is a major strength of the EP overall. The vocals on this track are back on form, matching Hide Your Eyes: they are once again clear and strong, which is a really great thing to find close to the end of the EP.

Finally, rounding off Uniform’s EP is Won’t See the Sun. It starts well, with an engaging intro that grabs the listener’s attention, and is quite upbeat throughout, staying at an enjoyable foot-tappable pace that is sure to please. This track rounds off the EP rather nicely with its hopeful feel and rich vocals.

Overall, Postcards From the Past is a chilled-out, mellow EP that makes for nice, easy listening. I feel like it could have done with a bit more cheer – something a bit more upbeat – but that being said, what has been done has been done well, and I look forward to hearing more from Uniform in the future.

Postcards From the Past by Uniform is out on digital download from the first week in June.


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