Introducing: Bayoné

On the 8th of March, I strolled down to Aberdeen's Tunnels to see Poor Soul Collective put on a few bands I love. Little did I know I'd stumble across one my new favourite emo bands, Bayoné.

Hailing from Sheffield, and at only 1 year old, this two piece were a man down when I saw 'them', but this didn't stop me being mesmerised. Being born from the ashes of their older band - Trophy Wives - boredom got the better of the duo and Ben (drums) and James (vocals/guitar) started writing again, with a lot more enthusiasm.

In the past year they've released their debut EP, 1866, and new 7" single PMA. With the former being recorded in "a double decker shed with no windows", PMA saw the duo venture to Manchester to record. Describing their time recording with Smokey Joe Clayton as "the best," it's clear to see Bayoné even have fun during some of the more tedious moments of being a band (trust me, no one likes the sound engineer going "okay, just once more" more than once).

With influences from great emo/screamo bands such as Old Gray and Pianos Become The Teeth, Bayoné definitely put their own twist on the emo genre. Seeing half of this band live, they have all the twinkly guitars and shouts that can be seen in a record by the likes of Nai Harvest, but there is a beauty to Bayoné's set that I haven't seen replicated.

2013 will see Bayoné release another EP and tour the UK with For This World. I urge you to pick up everything you can of theirs, and then head out to your nearest Bayoné show, as this is a band you don't want to let slip by.


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