Akord - Carry the Sound

Aberdeen has a reputation for producing great metal bands, and Akord don’t look set to buck the trend. This year their progressive metal sound has seen them scoop the top prize at the Kerrang! Radio Big Audition competition, and progress steadily through Red Bull’s Download Festival competition. And it’s only the end of April.

Despite a running time of less than half an hour, Carry the Sound is probably one of the most epic-sounding records of the year. It’s astoundingly massive: a six-string bass duels with seven-string guitars and a ginormous drum kit. I mean, how much bigger could you get? Sandy Bain’s vocals are tinged with a slight American twang thoughout, but it’s by no means a criticism; in fact, it suits the music very well indeed. The scope of this record is insane, but it isn’t an album packed with full-on shredding. Instead it’s a technical masterpiece: well thought out and melodic. These guys can really play.

Single Set In Your Life is probably the best song on the record, with its sweet bass solo buried in amongst the riffs and the oh-so catchy chorus. But Carry the Sound is by no means a one-trick pony: opener Houdini sparkles with electricity, each note placed in exactly the right place, while This Day is thunderous and punchy. Light the Way exhibits some stellar guitar work and soloing, while title track Carry the Sound contains one of the most memorable riffs I’ve ever heard.

So there you have it. Unlike a lot of technical progressive metal which gets far too complex and completely incomprehensible, Carry the Sound is an immensely listenable and enjoyable album that belongs in any true metal fan’s collection.

Carry the Sound by Akord is out on the 1st of May.


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