Flutes - Kilburn

Flutes' musical career spans the last 8 years, and the Scottish band have recently been getting lots of attention from all the right people for their self titled debut album released last year. BBC Radio One’s Ally McCrae described them as “Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!” and Amazing Radio’s Jim Gellatly placed Flutes as his one of his Ones to Watch for 2013 saying “it won't be long before everyone's calling them the next Frightened Rabbit”.

As a tribute to their time spent in North London, Flutes are releasing a single named after Camden’s neighbouring town, Kilburn. Oddly the track opens up with an echo of voices and what sounds like door slams and a drone. A distracting and confusing start to the song, but it certainly got my attention. Mellow vocals from lead singer Godfrey McFall are introduced and then a steady bass drumbeat kicks in. The track steadily builds up, peaking with a cacophony of sounds, which one might associate with a colourful night out in North London. With an unusual start to the track, this is a grower and I was singing along to the repetitive yet catchy chorus after a few listens.

The B side track is a cover of 90s dance hit What is Love by Haddaway. This is a really lovely stripped down version of the song, and the vocals surprisingly remind me of  Ian Curtis from Joy Division. 

This A/B single is a great insight into what will hopefully be an intriguing limited edition EP, which has a working title of Lost in the Sand. The EP will include lost demos, live recordings, remixes and at least one yet unheard recording, and will be supported by a Glow Films video and live dates. 

Kilburn with supporting B side What Is Love by Flutes is out on 8th April 2013 via self release.


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