Bat for Lashes - A Wall

The first single from Natasha Kahn's latest album, The Haunted Man, was an odd choice for some, but Laura was an example of Bat For Lashes at its most restrained and, for this reviewer, best.

However, A Wall is perhaps the stand out candidate for a single release. It is a very unique brand of baroque electro pop, something I'm sure will become a dance floor anthem in nightclubs across the country.

Kahn disposes with the organic instruments and percussion that usually blend with her individual style of electronica, resulting in an almost straight laced dance pop structure. But don't let that fool you into thinking this song is generic because it is anything but. By the end of the forth bar we are treated to the dirt and grime, the truth and honesty that laces Kahn's lyrics. The gorgeous synth and pumping bass beat lull you in before taking a beat's rest to introduce Kahn's voice; "From inside his mouth I licked the blood, but he is roaring and biting, I wash off the mud"... there is definitely something to get your teeth into here.

Laura may have displayed Bat For Lashes’s talent and bravery in releasing a slow-burning, ethereal piano-laden requiem, but A Wall displays one of the other sides to Kahn's personality and will appease those who love Bat For Lashes's ear for a catchy melody and an addictive, infectious beat. With the hard-edged lyrics to season the pot this single is a real winner!

A Wall by Bat For Lashes is out on 18/02/13 via EMI

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