The Title Sequence - Payday

From what I’ve previously heard of The Title Sequence (this being their previous EPs Dinosaurs and Lovers) they come across as the everyman’s band, whose mesh of indie-pop and electronica provide instantly relatable and catchy tunes. Their lyrics speak on a number of levels as they often describe everyday situations, trials, and tribulations, while also providing slick social commentary about manipulative governments and our own jaded popular culture. They have a fine eye for vintage art and design, as well as real knack for making quirky and fun music videos. Combine all these elements together and you get a band that isn't just another one of your run-of-the-mill indie pop, flash in a pan acts.

Payday is probably their most conventional pop song so far, which lacks some of the complexity of a track like Lovers; however it more than makes up for this in ambition and pure energy. Its minimalist, synth manoeuvres and joyous beat make it instantly distinguishable and enjoyable track to listen to. True to previous efforts, the song describes the anticipation of getting paid at the end of the month and then haemorrhaging our hard-earned cash via our weekend, binge-drinking, fast-paced party culture. I’m not saying this is ground-breaking or original songwriting, but their slick expression and narrative makes for an addictive lounge-pop anthem for the drunken masses. Either that or I’m just relating to it a little too well given my similar antics last night!

The two remixes by Kidaswitch and James Yuill are both worthy additions to the single. I particularly like Kidaswitch’s mellower electronic version of Payday, which sounds something like a sleepy Air cover. James Yuill provides a more traditional, dancey remix with a good beat and some nice distortion; it is almost as whimsical as the original in places.

Overall this is a fun set of songs, and although Payday is not my favourite Title Sequence track it still oozes with potential, and is a positive indication of things to come from this great new band. 

Payday by The Title Sequence is out on 28th January

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