Marionettes - Tea Parties

Marionettes’ quirky indie-pop has been a big feature of the Aberdeen music scene for a number of years now. New single Tea Parties reveals just why they are so popular with local gig goers; big choruses, catchy melodies and a sense of fun are prevalent throughout.

Showcasing fantastic musicianship that comes only with years of relentless gigging and touring, Tea Parties is a solid song that rises and falls in all the right places. The perky verses are offset nicely by a soaring chorus, adding a real sense of depth to the song. Slower paced than other Marionettes fair but still packing a punch, the track proves that the band are by no means stuck in a rut.

Throughout, it’s impossible to ignore the contributions of producer Matt Morris. Morris’ influence can be heard at various points, most notably in the distinctive vocal reverb, however his work in no way compromises the band’s own sound.

B-side Wave Race is another nugget of pure pop: chirpy and upbeat, it’s faster and more energetic than Tea Parties itself, and balances out the release well.

Whereas recent EP The Rightness of Blindness felt a little subdued, not quite capturing the energy of Marionettes’ live show, this latest single sparkles with electricity in a welcome return to form.

Tea Parties by Marionettes is out on the 4th of February, in 7” vinyl and downloadable formats.


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