Light Parades - Through All Times

When purchasing your albums for the month in February 2013, make sure Light Parades’ debut album, Through All Times is on the list. After the successful release of their four track EP Sparkle, which sold out instantly, the band will be releasing a collection of ambient, pop-laced songs on 22nd February 2013 in stores and online.

Daniel Hopkinson, Stephen Hopkinson, Jakub Tucholski and Ollie Pearce, who make up the four piece from West London, have been spending the past year working on their album in the famous residential Rockfield Studio in Wales. An ambitious attempt, bearing in mind the band only formed last year and the Rockfield Studio is the birthplace of many hit recorded albums. However the boys do not disappoint.

The album opens up with The Grandest of Gestures, gentle and serene featuring fairylike repetitive melodic riffs. An uplifting and grand start to the album.

Fleet presents a more melancholic turn, again featuring mystical repetitive piano themes. The album continues in a well-orchestrated fashion, tinged with a distant sadness in Hopkinson’s vocals; however, the music itself presents a rousing and moving tone.

Sparkle is my favourite track. The vocals resonate gently throughout, and I love how all the instruments merge together as if they are several melodic lines played on one instrument. These melodic lines compliment each other well and create a mellow atmosphere that is easy for the listener to lose themselves in.

The album finishes of with the track Don't Let Go, a sentimental and poignant piece with lovely vocal harmonies. I really like the piano’s prominent role, which is an appropriate precursor to the grand crescendo at the end.

A rousing ambient album, perfect for long journeys and for escaping. I can’t wait to see them live.

Through All Times by Light Parades is out on 22nd February 2013 via self release.


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