I Am Waiting For You Last Summer - Edge Party

One of the many perks of writing for Hercules Moments is finding new bands that I might have never gotten a chance to hear. What's better is when that new band becomes a new favourite band. Russian trio I Am Waiting For You Last Summer are one of those bands that tick both boxes. I've listened to some post-rock and a bit of electronica, but nothing could have prepared me for how stunningly beautiful it sounds when the two are intertwined.

Opening track The Origin is full of euphoric synth that just engulfed me from the word go. Within the first 2 minutes of Edge Party, I knew I was on to a winner. It builds and builds before effortlessly leading into Solar Wind, which gives us our first taste of guitar and drums. A beautiful, clean guitar plays a lead part over more euphoric synth and electronic drums. Even though this is instrumental, you can feel emotion, and as it builds and drops there is almost an urgency in the music, before a massive post-rock finale lets you know they mean business.

Only two tracks in and I was finding places to buy any CD or vinyl they had put out. I didn't care how, but this band was taking my money, and they deserve more than any credit card company.

As Edge Party moves from track to track I'm treated with more clean guitar and electronics, but the differences in these songs are easy to see. With Away From Here having a big disco section, the songs have many similarities but never sound samey. I've written before how I can get quite bored (maybe too easily) whilst listening to some bands. However, I Am Waiting For You Last Summer keep my boredom at bay brilliantly. With last year's single Medley Season having moments of breakbeat, Intension sounding like it should be played at a house party, and Dreamers' Shelter starting off like something from The Smiths, Edge Party surprises and delights me at every twist and turn. Adding in guest vocals from iamthemorning in Obsessed makes this band seem even more varied.

Once Abyss ended, I was begging for more, and again I was finding places to listen to everything they've ever made. With beautiful, clean parts, and loud post-rock moments mixed with electronics, I Am Waiting For You Last Summer aren't exactly doing anything new. Lots of bands mix rock and dance; it's even starting to become one of those annoying trends. But upon listening to Edge Party, and it's highs and lows, build ups and drops, I don't recall anything ever sounding quite like it.

Edge Party by I Am Waiting For You Last Summer is out now via Bandcamp.