8track: Pinkunoizu

Picture the scene: you've just stepped out of the Hercules Moments DeLorean and you find yourself in the 90s. MC Hammer pants and Walkmen are all the rage. Deciding to ignore the fashion of the day, you pick up a Walkman and head home to 2012...

Over the past few months, we've been getting in touch with bands, celebrities and more to ask them to create eight-song-long mixtapes for YOU. So crack out your Walkman and enjoy...

The bizarrely named Pinkunoizu hail from Copenhagen and Berlin, and claim to make 'cocktail music' and music that "sounds like Star Wars." Their eclectic sound shows a mix of influences and lots of experimentation, perhaps stemming from the culture of the cities they are based in. Let's see what they think we should listen to! 

Elvis Presley - Crawfish
Cause the king sings about fish, fresh and ready to be cooked.

Scott Walker - Next 
Track 2 is a good time to get serious, and when Scott Walker sings Jacques Brel songs it´s quite serious.

Caetano Veloso - Asa, Asa
A sublime sorbet.

Flower Travellin' Band - Satori Part II 
Because there is no up or down.

The Books - A Cold Freezin' Night
Great lyrics. Sometimes I wish I was a kid.

Laurie Anderson - O Superman (For Massenet)
Every mixtape must have a masterpiece.

OM - At Giza
The first thing that hit me hearing this song was the beautiful dance between the lines of the bass and the hymns of the voice. Secondly, I was taken fully by surprise when I realized that this band only consists of two people!

Robert Wyatt - Alifib
Cause it´s like green tea for the heart, after the long journey through the depths with OM. One of the most magnificent love songs I know. At least, it's a love song for me.

Check out Pinkunoizu's website for music and news, or check out their updates on Facebook.

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