The Jukebox: 90s Songs

Welcome to The Jukebox, your Friday fix of the best music new and old. Each week, a six-strong panel of Hercules Moments contributors will recommend their favourite tracks for you to soundtrack your weekend to, in a playlist centred around a chosen theme.

This week... 90s SONGS

Green Day - Geek Stink Breath

Green Day were a defining band in my childhood, despite the fact that I was 4 when this song was first released. They were one of the first bands that I ever really go into in a big way, and to this day I still find myself buying every new album despite their never reaching the same heights as their earlier work. (I know; how hipster.) This was the first Green Day track I ever heard, way back in the days when the CDs that came free with Kerrang were actually good, and it has remained one of my favourites.
Eoin Smith

Oasis - She's Electric

I remember my dad buying the album What's the Story (Morning Glory), in the 90's and it is one the only albums of his that I have always enjoyed listening to. This particular song always stood out for me, probably because it is incredibly catchy! Nowadays I can appreciate how clever and amusing the lyrics are and this has only added to my adoration of the song. When you've loved a song for most of your childhood and the love only grows with age, you know it's a complete winner.
Emma Wright

Magnetic Fields - No One Will Ever Love You Honestly
This is a great track from The Magnetic Fields's 69 Love Songs. I think it was the quintessential indie-pop masterpiece of the 90s which did exactly what it said on the tin; it had 69 songs about love and some other stuff. That may make it sound like a bit of a novelty considering its a 3 disc album with about 3 hours of material (more than some bands have ever released) but it's anything but, as this low key but beautiful track will demonstrate.
David Scott

Texas - Say What You Want

This was all I heard when I was growing up with three (much) older sisters. Hearing this song takes me back to when we used to go on holiday to France every year from when I was born right through until I was 15. We would road trip all the way there from Aberdeen and this classic 90s pop song was one I always sang along to and enjoyed.
Beth Alexander

Shakespeare's Sister - Stay
This is probably the best ballad the 90s produced. Marcella Detroit's dramatic vocals are amazing and she kills it on the high notes. Don't pretend you've never sung along before and ended up sounding like an injured cat trying to hit that high F. The video just adds to the brilliance: apparently Siobhan Fahey who plays the 'Angel of Death' character had a 12 hour wait before they could shoot her part. She spent most of it drinking vodka. If you watch the video, you can well believe it.
Lesley Dickson

The Cranberries - Zombie
This chick has such a weird voice but I absolutely love it, I think it works so well with the music. I actually didn't know what this song was until earlier this year; I distinctly remember hearing it loads throughout my childhood and my later teenage years and loving it, but never bothered to find out what it was. Pretty great lyrics and a top oldschool rock song. 
Siobhan Hewison

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