Lockah - Please Lockah, Don't Hurt 'Em

Lockah is undoubtedly one of the most exciting electronic music producers out there right now. Even more excitingly, he’s based right here in Aberdeen. His latest offering, which follows an EP that saw him grace the webpages of MTV and other such luminaries, presents another slice of engaging and – most importantly – intelligent electronic music.

Title track Please Lockah, Don’t Hurt ‘Em opens with a simple piano melody before synthesised drums and vocals burst out from the speakers. As danceable as it is dissectible, it's a storming tune that showcases Lockah’s talent for creating a killer memorable melody.

Sly Winking Usury which follows is different; similar in sound to the material found on Lockah’s previous EP. Populated by luscious sweeping synthesiser arcs and a solid beat, it's a sterling track. 

The last of the original pieces on the EP is This Is True Muscle Suicide. Tonally it's a kind of combination of the first two tracks, but it never feels lazy; rather, it feels fresh and exciting, tying the release together in a neat bow.

The EP is rounded out by two remixes courtesy of Jaw Jam and BF Hoodrich. They're good efforts, and are by no means unlistenable, but they never really reach the heights of the originals.

While many electronic producers get by with minimal effort, it's clear from the very first listen that every note and beat has been carefully placed in each of these tracks by Lockah. This isn't just any pop-chart rubbish; this is electronic music for the thinking man.

Please Lockah, Don’t Hurt ‘Em by Lockah is out on the 7th of November via MISHKA NYC.