Grizzly Bear - A Simple Answer

Brooklyn-based Grizzly Bear have made a name for themselves with their excellent brand of psychedelic indie-rock. Their new single, A Simple Answer, taken from their critically-acclaimed new album Shields (which I must add is excellent and profound and you should buy it), proves to be just as good as their much-loved older offerings.

Throughout the track, Ed Droste’s recognisable vocals blend with the band’s characteristic piano, drum and guitar sounds to create a lovely, upbeat song that is chilled out and easy to listen to. Grizzly Bear have a very distinguished sound, and in this song they offer something new and fresh; while they incorporate all the staple elements of their music, the song is not repetitive. They don’t just make music that recycles their old stuff because they can get away with it – they’re a creative bunch and know how to produce exciting tunes while keeping a recognisable sound.

For me, Droste’s somewhat haunting voice throughout the song epitomises what they band are all about, especially when it is accompanied by the harmonies towards the end. Weird and wonderful melodies catch you at the start and have you totally hooked until the end, and although it’s not the best Grizzly Bear song ever – there are definitely better songs on Shields – it’s not a poor choice for a follow-up single.

The CD I was sent came with two tracks: the 3:25 radio edit and the 6:01 full song. I choose to listen to the full version, every single time.

A Simple Answer by Grizzly Bear is out on 10th December via Warp Records.


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