Bear Cavalry - Puryss

Opening with a delightful, jaunty guitar line, The Word ‘Canoe’ is a close-to-perfect opener. A pure nugget of mathy guitar-pop, its twinkly glockenspiel-laden midsection and rollicking heavier tail-end showcase a band who are not afraid embrace their natural creative talents.

Not only that, but is serves as a fantastic reintroduction to the wonderful world of Bear Cavalry, who were last spotted on record with last year’s debut EP Maple Trails. Back with a more developed, rounded – and perhaps slightly more experimental – sound, Bear Cavalry’s latest EP is a triumph of sunny feel-good music.

Aubrey Plaza is a wobbly-keyboard-laden extravaganza, exuding the pop sensibilities that made their debut EP so fun but ramping them up by another 99%. Meandering its way through a pseudo-disco groove and a sparkling piano outro, it’s a song that in less-skilled hands could feel disjointed. Instead it gels together brilliantly.

Next up is Expensive Bracelet, which is perhaps more standard fare for the band, but no less enjoyable. A terrific indie romp, it leads on nicely to the keys and brass of Trail Dust & Good Weather. At the beginning it's part 80s ballad and part indie mariachi; again Bear Cavalry present us with a combination that shouldn't work on paper. But when all those disparate parts come together, along with the soaring solo and epic chorus, you can’t help but smile: they've done it again.

Experimental in all the right ways, Bear Cavalry fuse a core indie sound with so many other influences it’s sometimes hard to keep up. But when you do, it’s oh so worth it.

Puryss by Bear Cavalry is out on the 5th of November via Alcopop! Records.


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