8track: Her Parents

Picture the scene: you've just stepped out of the Hercules Moments DeLorean and you find yourself in the 90s. MC Hammer pants and Walkmen are all the rage. Deciding to ignore the fashion of the day, you pick up a Walkman and head home to 2012...

Over the past few months, we've been getting in touch with bands, celebrities and more to ask them to create eight-song-long mixtapes for YOU. So crack out your Walkman and enjoy...

This time round, your mixtape has been lovingly created by every member of Her Parents: William Vaughan, Christopher Alcock, Sean Clothier and Calum Gunn. As well as having a pretty awesome name, Her Parents boast a fun punk-rock sound and feature members of bands like Dananananaykroyd, Internet Forever and Stairs to Korea.

Gorilla Biscuits - First Failure
Because it's fast as fuck and really loud, then really quiet for one second, then loud again which makes you spoon out.

The Tammys - Egyptian Shumba
Because it's the true sound of losing your mind and has some kind of incredible non-specific pipe in the mix.

Down I Go - Nicolae Ceaucescu
Because it's the badass-est AND it's well sad AND informative AND their drummer produced our album, Physical Release, available in no good record shops.
*****,***** - Study For Falling Apart
Because they have the most stupid band name ever? I lost my CD of this so the only way I have to hear it is to go on MySpace. MYSPACE!

Consumers - Anti, Anti, Anti
Because this is a song you could put on at a wedding and everyone would just kick the shit out of each other. It's exciting and fast and furious and every time I hear it I want to punch a fridge.
John Maus - Maniac
Because if you've ever seen him live you absolutely believe him when he says he's a "fucking maniac". Also it has lyrics about a child riding to school on a horse.
Cardiacs -The Everso Closely Guarded Line 
Because it’s a big ship of a song, majestically ramming notes into my body for a while.
The Mob - Witch Hunt
Because there’s something about a song with no chorus that really gets me hopped up and wigged out.

Find out more about Her Parents over on Facebook, and listen to their top tunes on Bandcamp.

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