The Jukebox: Bands With A Number In Their Name

Welcome to The Jukebox, your Friday fix of the best music new and old. Each week, a six-strong panel of Hercules Moments contributors will recommend their favourite tracks for you to soundtrack your weekend to, in a playlist centred around a chosen theme.


B-52's - Love Shack.
Because I know all the words, because I truly believe that it isn't a party until this song has been played, and because knowing how many times the phrase 'love shack' is used in the song won me a tie-break during a pub quiz. Also, I just bloody love it. It's wonderfully infectious.
Lesley Dickson

65daysofstatic - Weak4
Not only a numerically titled band, but a numerically titled track for good measure. Taken from their latest album (not counting the superb Silent Running soundtrack) Weak4 is a tour de force of what makes 65dos 65dos - manic drumming feeding into a relentless rhythm, glitchy noise and screaming guitars feeding into a sound crossing the boundaries between post rock, dance and electronic music.
David Lovie

Thrice - The Earth Will Shake 

Taken from the American rock band's fourth album, Vheissu. Starting with a what could be described as mellow yet minor chords, you think that this may be one of the token 'slower' songs on an album. However, it bursts into a crushing (but not in the fast fashion of their previous albums such as The Illusion of Safety) section filled with deep, well crafted distorted guitars, followed by a slower section with a gliding guitar part that fits well with flowing bass notes. This is the first album that Thrice moved beyond the classic two guitar, bass and drums line up by adding keyboards and various sounds such as an organ, piano and string sections. It is definitely my favourite Thrice album.
Beth Alexander

Blink-182 - All the Small Things
Sometimes one of the most obvious choices is the best! This song is so much fun, from the very upbeat, fast-paced rhythm to the amusing video. I remember the first time I heard it - when I bought NOW 45 and it was one of the tracks... I loved it way back then and I still love it now! A track ideal for a good headbang.
Emma Wright

1,2,3 - Going Away Party
When I saw this week's theme, I thought it might be difficult to find a decent band with a number in their name. Thankfully, when I typed the first three digits that popped into my head into iTunes, I rediscovered this wee beauty. It's a fun indie-rock track from a Pittsburgh band who probably deserve a bit more attention than they get. When I played it for our editor Siobhan, she said she liked it because it it was "dancey". Memorable to say the least, every time I listen to Going Away Party I'm humming it for hours. Now it's time for you to start humming too.
Eoin Smith

"Flaming Arrow" by Jupiter One

It's quite common for a band to have a sharp rise in marketability after being part of a soundtrack - in this case, the 2008 edition of FIFA. While they remain a fairly cult band these days, hovering on the brink of hiatus, Flaming Arrow was probably the last solid showing from the Brooklyn quartet before slipping back into the abyss of obscurity. Smooth indie-pop with deceptively downbeat lyrics (committing arson against cheating lovers, anyone?), it shows the band have more charm and style than most despite their comparative anonymity.
Joe Sutherland

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