Robbie Williams - Candy

Everyone can count on Robbie Williams to do three types of songs: a ballad, a pop song and a song for the 'LADZ'. With his rejoining of Take That covering the ballad side of things, and his last 'LADZ' outing resulting in… erm… Rudebox, it's both smart and unsurprising that Robbie Williams' new single is nothing but sugar-sweet pop.

Candy is refreshing. There's no sub bass, there's no dance line, there's no random rapping in the bridge, there's no 'drop'. What it does have is horns, strings and Robbie Williams’ trademark bravado. I don't think anyone else - in this musical climate - could have pulled this off. It has the right amount of fun, and just enough cheese to make it enjoyable both on the first and hundredth listen. (I've had this on repeat longer than I care to mention.)

Candy, in my eyes, marks the return of a Robbie Williams we all loved and we've missed these past few years. And if the leading single off the new album, Take The Crown, is anything to go by, Robbie Williams is back in style.

Candy by Robbie Williams is out on October 29 via Island Records.