Interview: 77 Bombay Street

For those of you who are sceptical about listening to folk-rock, let me assure you that you won’t regret listening to 77 Bombay Street. In fact, the difference between this band and 90% of the current folk scene is immediately clear; this band has the thrill of life that all other folk stuff misses. Listen to Get Away: you’ll be impressed by the strong rock spirit of the song, and by the unforgettable guitar riff.

Full of energy and life, happy and unusual, 77 Bombay Street represent a new direction in folk-rock. Created by four Swiss brothers with an uncommon talent, the band is one of the biggest names in their native music scene. If you have never heard of them, imagine a combination of a happier Frank Turner with lively melodies and catchy rhythms.

The lyrics may be simple and straight forward, but they speak of great truths about our lives. The song after which their first album was named, Up In The Sky, perfectly embodies the spirit of 77 Bombay Street: simple, but with a powerful message – an imaginary society in which everybody is free and happy.

But now, the interview...!

Let’s begin with an easy question. How would you describe yourself as a band to somebody who has never heard of you?
77 Bombay Street is a folk-rock band of 4 brothers from Switzerland. 

Your songs have everything: passion, energy. I love the way in which you harmonise the singing part with the guitars, and your lyrics are simple and yet very deep. What's behind your songs? Is there a message you want to convey, or is it all about the joy of producing great music?
First of all, it's about having fun together with what we do. But each song has its own way to reach people. Everyone probably takes a different message out of the lyrics and vibes; we don’t have any political influences or religious messages in our songs. The most important thing is the honesty and fun side of our music, which is essential to achieve sustained success.

Do you have any future projects? Any plans for a tour in the UK for your British fans? 
Our second album Oko Town was released on the 5th of October. We’ll do lots of touring all over Europe, but unfortunately there's no gig announced in the UK so far. We have been there twice – recently for the Olympic Games – and we'd love to play some shows.

I started listening to you when, right before moving to another country, a friend of mine sent me Long Way thinking it appropriate for the occasion. Could you tell me something about the creative process behind the song? Is there a particular story behind it?
There’s no particular story, more of a general feeling. Life sometimes seems to be very hard and lonely but we have to keep walking.

Do you have any cool stories to tell your fans?
Once, during a show in Paris, Matt's trousers got broken, right in front when all the fans looked up. There was a large rip right around his bum and he was really embarrassed! I thought that was funny!

And finally, what would you say to somebody who claims that there is no good music nowadays?
I would highly recommend him to listen to our Album Up In The Sky. Maybe he would change his mind... or maybe not!