8track: Castrovalva

Picture the scene: you've just stepped out of the Hercules Moments DeLorean and you find yourself in the 90s. MC Hammer pants and Walkmen are all the rage. Deciding to ignore the fashion of the day, you pick up a Walkman and head home to 2012...

Over the past few months, we've been getting in touch with bands, celebrities, and more to ask them to create eight-song-long mixtapes for YOU. So crack out your Walkman and enjoy...

This 8track comes from the mind of drummer Daniel Brader (who chose the first four songs) and vocalist Leemun Smith (who chose the second four) from English experimental noise rock trio Castrovalva. The band have been busy of late, working on a new album and on a Halloween special video, and are touring the UK over the next couple of months.

Glassjaw - Pretty Lush
I love everything Glassjaw have ever done. The main reason I picked this song is because it’s the first song I ever heard by them.

Every Time I Die - Off Broadway
This band's music is pure party music for me. It just gets me pumped every time I hear it. The whole of Hot Damn is pretty much perfect but this is one of my favorites. 

Sage Francis - Hell of a Year
This guy is one of the first hip-hop artists I got into who wasn't in a gangster mould - it opened a whole other world to me inside hip-hop that was more positive and less about bitches and guns.

Listener - Falling In Love With Glaciers
Dan Smith's voice really grated on me at first - even though my first encounter with his voice was on a song by The Chariot. I was intrigued though, as I always had a small love of spoken-word-based-music ever since I heard BARR. The first time I heard this song I was hooked. I recently went to see Listener live which I can highly recommend. 

Portugal. The Man - Chicago  
My song for when I'm just going out for a boogie. My friend Tom downloaded this album, sent it to me, and I my instant reaction was: "HOLY S**T! THIS IS JUST AMAZING!!" I recommend this to anyone who likes fast country-style riffs and crazy synths. 

The Mars Volta - Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt
I was never really a massive At The Drive-In fan until the last album, but The Mars Volta (formed from ATDI members) just really grabbed my attention! It was everything I wanted in music, and this song ripped me a new one. Deloused is by far my favourite album of all time. 

Nine Black Alps - Shot Down 
Nine Black Alps are just amazing. I loved this song in my teen years back in school, and still do now. I’m touring with them and can honestly say they are my brothers now. 

Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals 
The whole album is amazing, it really was the soundtrack to my teen life, and this song was my no. 1. People really need this album. It's a classic and Manson at his best.

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