The Jukebox: Water

Welcome to The Jukebox, your Friday fix of the best music new and old. Each week, a six-strong panel of Hercules Moments contributors will recommend their favourite tracks for you to soundtrack your weekend to, in a playlist centred around a chosen theme.

This week... WATER

Lockah - The Sour Drink From the Ocean

Lockah is one of the most exciting electronic producers in Aberdeen, and his recent EP drew a massive amount of attention from people all across the globe. The melodies and basslines in this track are awesome, and the way it builds and builds and builds just makes it so much fun to listen to.
Eoin Smith

Thee Oh Sees - Flood's New Light

Fuzzy and dirty like a dog in a mud float, Thee Oh Sees sound like what The Beach Boys would have sounded like, had they stayed fifteen years old and angsty forever. Somewhere between surf-pop and garage noise, Flood's New Light can't seem to make its mind up with regards to which pigeonhole it wants to stick its head in - but it is a whole load of fun.
Joe Sutherland

King Creosote and Jon Hopkins - John Taylor’s Month Away
A moving and beautiful song about heading out to sea on a boat for a month at a time. Delicate electronic backing over the slow drone of an accordion and King Creosote's relaxed vocals makes this song perfect for listening to while staring out at the ocean.
David Officer

Listener - Falling In Love With Glaciers
Falling In Love With Glaciers is a beautiful song, but it gets nowhere near the same amount of praise as the title track from Listener's album Wooden Heart. Taking Dan Smith's spoken word and adding acoustic guitar, horns, strings, and a xylophone can never go wrong, though. This song is relaxing, rousing, haunting and comforting, and it soon became my favourite from the album.
Jake Lawson

Incubus - Oil and Water
Incubus are my favourite band, offering a diverse range of musical genres over the years. In Oil and Water, a song taken from their 6th album Light Grenades, we see a slightly calmer side of Incubus to begin with. This moves on to a driving chorus with added harmonising backing vocals. The lead singer Brandon Boyd can always mesmerise with his powerful and unique voice, taking a somewhat simple guitar and drum part and adding his vocals to create an addictive and moving song.
Beth Alexander

Perfume Genius - All Waters

I'm choosing this track because Mike Hadreas sings like an angel. This song is from Put Your Back N 2 It which is my favourite thing from this year and the only album that has actually made me cry. It's that good.
Lesley Dickson

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