Skye - Back To Now

Trip Hop Godmother Skye Edwards certainly doesn’t disappoint with her new album. The more organic instruments that are synonymous with Skye’s sound are laid to one side this time around, and have given way to more electronic means.

Back To Now may not be not be a revolutionary record but it is backed with great electronic beats, glorious samples, silky choruses and of course that beautiful syrupy voice that became Skye’s trademark when she broke onto the scene with Morcheeba.

Back To Now shimmers with euro-pop tinged trip hop throughout its forty three minute duration, with the major stand out tracks being: the faux-orchestral luminance Nowhere, the dance floor bump and grind of Little Bit Lost, the thumping bombast of Every Little Lie and the sexy synth bass and 8 bit modulations of Highlife peppered over an already great group of songs.

By the time Dissolve comes around, its melancholic beat-less electronica hits you in the gut. This is the album’s main event - the chance for Skye to really show you all the levels her genius voice can take you to. After a couple of verses the beats finally arrive lulling you into a trance before leading out in a rasp of dirty synth.

Just when you thought it was all over, Bright Light serves just as a means to not end this almost perfect album on a down note. Its placement on the record only makes it sound like a sub-par Morcheeba B-side. However that matters very little when everything else about Back To Now is so perfect.

Back To Now by Skye is out on 29th October via PIAS