No Doubt - Settle Down

No Doubt returned in 2008, following a four year hiatus, to work on their sixth studio album, Push and Shove. Originally touted for a 2010 release, the album eventually took four years to complete and is due out at the end of September. Until then, Gwen Stefani and co have tantalisingly dangled new single Settle Down before their fans, like a carrot before a hungry donkey.

Unsurprisingly, No Doubt have done very little to mess with their popular Caribbean-flavoured sound. Settle Down, reportedly described as “wicked with a capital W” by guitarist Tom Dumont, is a mid-paced reggae-rock anthem reminiscent of the band’s glory days. Equally as danceable as their past hits, the track’s pulsing rhythm and catchy melodies make for a memorable listen. Gwen Stefani’s recognisable vocals, too, are on top form as she chants the bridge and belts out the choruses.

Amongst the bland manufactured pop of today’s charts, No Doubt’s latest offering stands out as an example of just how fun pop music can, and should, be.

Settle Down by No Doubt is out on the 17th of September via Interscope Records.

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