Lostprophets - Jesus Walks

Everyone loves a song that gets them moving and really lifts their spirits, but it is hard to find one that is both exhilarating and credible. Breaking news though, folks, I think I may have stumbled across one…

Jesus Walks took me by surprise. I was not expecting the wall of sound that trapped me in, nor the instantaneous cheering effect that it had. From the very beginning, the song was full on, intense and loud, and this worked incredibly well. A very slow build up could have ruined the shock factor at the start that, with this single, is part of the experience. The strong guitar and vocals from Lostprophets have always been great, and they can be found in spades with this single! They work together brilliantly to create what I think could become a favourite among fans.

The overall feel of Jesus Walks is incredibly optimistic, with the music itself being very elevating, and the lyrics working seamlessly alongside it with the subject of the hope that a couple have together. This synonymous relationship between the two creates something extremely convincing that has power over the listener. It draws them in and can even become addictive: I am talking from experience here! In essence, the song walks tall with integrity because it has a real meaning behind it.

Lostprophets themselves have described this track as ‘a big chorus type song’, and that it most certainly is. Jesus Walks is worth more than just one listen if anthemic and full on is the order of the day. I truly hope it put smiles on more faces than just mine!

Jesus Walks by Lostprophets is out on 10th September 2012 via Sony Music Entertainment.