Keane - Disconnected

It has become an expectation of Keane to provide music that always strikes an emotional chord. From the very first album, Hopes and Fears, this is what I have always noticed and particularly loved about the band. When I first listened to the upcoming single, Disconnected, I was very much hoping for it to pack an emotional punch and, to my delight, it truly did.

Bringing forward the signature expressiveness of previous songs, Keane have created one which also demonstrates how their music has matured throughout the time they have been in the charts. Disconnected has a much fuller sound than some of the tracks that can be found on previous albums, and it works incredibly well. Thankfully, though, it has not lost any of the essentials which make the band who they are: the piano still plays a significant part in the melody, though it is not as prominent as it has previously been. Also, the vocals from Tom Chaplin have remained gentle yet striking, and really suit this song down to the ground.

It is difficult to forget Disconnected, as the melody resonates within, and is incredibly loveable. I have to say that with every listen of this track, it gets better and better, and I can feel the emotion coming across so well in the vocal that I am led along with it every step of the way. From the quiet, gentle feel of the verses to the passionate, emotive chorus, this song is extremely well crafted, making it a really great addition to any music collection. Hopefully, others will enjoy it as I have done, because it truly deserves the attention and the appreciation!

Disconnected by Keane is out on 8th October 2012 via Island Records.


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