Introducing... BRACE

2011 saw the birth of Aberdonian hardcore/metal band BRACE. Forming from the ashes of Montesano Walkway, BRACE saw the remaining members going from "playing music we didn't enjoy a whole lot to music we love." Taking influence from bands like The Chariot, letlive and Norma Jean, BRACE weren't exactly doing something new. Nevertheless it was something that hadn't been done an awful lot in the local scene. Brilliantly timed with the rise of bands like While She Sleeps, BRACE's take on hardcore metal was widely accepted, allowing them to support metal bands, pop-punk bands and even being chosen to play the Wake The Deen festival.

Along with some very successful support slots, playing with the likes of Flood of Red, Azriel, Prelude to the Hunt, Crusades and Silent Screams, BRACE found time to hit the studio with producer Nick Scholey to record their debut - A Swollen Tongue And High Hopes Vol. 1. Released for free at shows, A Swollen Tongue… was a split with local metal band Cleric that included BRACE's Day 28 and Nouvelle, two songs boasting chaotic metal full of technical guitar parts and aggressively screamed vocals. Released to help both up and coming bands, Alex (guitar) stated that "At the end of the day music brings people together and this is just a fine example of that notion."

July of this year saw BRACE release a video for the song Nouvelle. The video shows various clips from their recent tour with As Autumn Falls, which was, according to vocalist Adam, "extremely fun but also a learning curve…" With almost 2000 views in 2 months, it goes to show that BRACE are a band with a loyal support. October of this year will see BRACE record a whopping 7 track EP with Owen Waldron. The influences from bands like The Chariot are still apparent, with the track list forming a poem: "Oh How We Sang, Line After Line, Living, In Repetition, Only For Them To Say, Mind Your Head, And Keep On Walking," which echoes The Chariot's The FiancĂ©e which uses the Backwards RhymeThe EP is set to be released late 2012/early 2013.

A Swollen Tongue And High Hopes Vol. 1 by BRACE/Cleric is available now through Bandcamp and at shows.


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