Cara Mitchell - Have You Ever Wondered

Appearing on the Aberdeen music scene about a year ago, Cara Mitchell has slowly and surely been building up a reputation as one of Aberdeen’s top singer-songwriters. At the age of sixteen, she has already played alongside the likes of Pearl & The Puppets, Jonah Matranga and Juan Zelda.

Cara has a truly unique voice. Very easy on the ear, her vocals float their way through the to-the-point guitar work to create a beguiling EP. On opener Have You Ever Wondered, layered vocals create gorgeous harmonies over a simple strumming pattern. While the EP gets off to a good start, though, second track Passing Sun is sublime. Beginning delicately, before building to a rousing crescendo, it’s a perfect pop song; stirring and emotional in equal measure. Next October’s catchy chorus is one that lingers in the memory, before final track Little Birdies – with its understated “woah-oh” hook – finishes the album on a delightful high.

With a songwriter as young as Cara, it would be easy to say that she shows promise on this EP, but that would be setting her back a few years. What Cara has produced here is a solid debut that leaves the listener ready and waiting for the next.

Have You Ever Wondered by Cara Mitchell is out now.

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