Sucioperro - Fused

Throughout their career, Sucioperro have been a band keen to experiment and evolve their sound. It’s no surprise, then, that ­Fused – their fourth studio album to date – turns everything they established with their previous outing on its head. The polar opposite to predecessor The Heart String & How To Pull It, Fused is a tense, aggressive album full of chunky riffs and pissed-off-at-the-world lyrics.

A crushing, discordant riff introduces the listener to the record as opener A River of Blood drives the album onwards at a pace which is scarcely let up throughout its surprisingly short running time. While previous Sucioperro albums have approached the hour-long mark, Fused is a relentless twenty eight minute thrill ride.

Throughout tracks like Pig Ravens, Discipline Office and What a Fucking Chump, the band feel like they really have something they need to get off their chests. It’s this sense of urgency and importance that makes the album so compelling: it draws you in and captivates you in the way a protester might when making an impassioned argument.

That’s not to say there isn’t the odd quiet moment on the album, though. Mid-album track Rabbits in Boxes begins fairly tenderly before a thunderous hypnotic riffs crashes in halfway through. Despite its initial happier sound, however, the track is laced with the venomous tension that runs through the entire record: vocalist JP Reid ominously sings that “your teeth are sharper than daggers, your tongue it cuts like a razor, your eyes reflect like a knife edge, you lips love sucking on cold flesh.”

Fused, then, is an album unlike Sucioperro’s last. Returning to the heavier sound of the band’s beginnings, it’s a strong and powerful LP: a gloriously merciless twelve track barrage of alt-rock doom.

Fused is out on the 3rd of September via Medals for Everyone.

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