Milwalkie - Wash Yourself

Berlin-based indie band Milwalkie only made their live debut in the middle of May. Packed into a small sweaty rehearsal room, the three-piece’s first audience consisted of a mixture of friends and music fans from the German capital. With this in mind, it seems strange to think that Milwalkie are a band whose back catalogue already includes a single, EP and even an entire album. And now, they’re about to release a brand new single unto the world: Wash Yourself.

Wash Yourself is an engaging track full of swirling electronics: twinkly synth melodies intertwine with carefully picked guitar lines, as Matt Morris’ inimitable vocals are layered softly on top. It’s a far cry from Morris’ last band - Aberdonian guitar-pop outfit Weather Barn - but no less good.

B-side The Stamp Collector is similar in sound, although this time the guitar takes prominence over the electronics. It makes a nice contrast, and the songs work well together. Throughout the two tracks there is a definite sense of a kind of bright melancholia; a sunny summer scene tainted with a hint of regret.

This cohesion is a welcome addition to Milwalkie’s sound. While their self-titled debut album was undoubtedly brilliant, it still felt like a band finding their feet. Recorded largely by Morris and his brother Steve before the band had fully formed, that was always going to be the case. Here, though, with new material written by the whole band, Milwalkie have settled into a world of hazy, laid-back indie-electronica.

Milwalkie are already working on their second album. It can’t come soon enough. But until that time, Wash Yourself serves as a tantalising appetiser for the main course to come. Bon appetite.

Wash Yourself by Milwalkie is out on the 22nd of July via Self Preservation Records.

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