Wot Gorilla? - Snow White

With the recent announcement of their forthcoming debut album Kebnekaise, Wot Gorilla? have decided to treat us to a sneak peak with their latest single Snow White which, if you haven’t already guessed from the title of this review, is what I have here in my hands for you today.

With a band name pilfered from a Genesis track, you can probably take a guess at the sort of genre Wot Gorilla? call home. Far from being confined to the world of 70s prog rock, though, they have combined the best bits of the genre with a healthy dose of modern math-rock and pop hooks to create a sound of their own, bathed in musical interplay and complexity. Flicking between more time signatures and genres in one song than most bands manage in an entire album, they are only really comparable to a band like Youthmovies in style, while still managing to possess their own unique sound.

Snow White sums this up perfectly, fitting everything you could want to hear into a somewhat-concise-for-its-genre four minutes. Starting out with jangly guitars and growling bass, it begins like a fairly good indie track, before layering on another slab of guitar melodies and launching off into an entirely new beat. In many ways it is completely disjointed, but somehow still manages to hang together as a whole song, forcing you to stop and figure out where they are headed next without ever completely losing your train of thought. This chopping and changing is probably best shown in the final moments of the song where they suddenly go all metal with distortion and screaming, before finishing on a more familiar note.

Snow White is one of those songs that probably makes far more sense when you take a few minutes to listen to yourself, rather than trying to follow my train of thought, derailed as constantly as it has been with adventures into new time signatures and beyond.

Snow White by Wot Gorilla? is available to download for free from the band’s Bandcamp page.

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