Casiokids - Dresinen

Casiokids hail from Norway and specialise in dreamy, quirky indie-disco-pop. Some of their music is admittedly slightly on the twee side, but there is always an emphasis on catchiness with a big sense of fun and playfulness. The band’s unusual style really comes across when you see them live: glitter canons have been used on more than one occasion! My gut feeling from having seen them before, though, is that they struggle to capture the energy of their live shows on their recordings.

To their credit, they are a difficult band to pigeonhole – lazy comparisons based on geography would include Datarock and Royksopp – but Casiokids definitely have a sound of their own, which in this day and age is pretty rare.

While their new single Dresinen is typically Casiokids in vocal style, the accompanying music is much straighter forward than the spaced-out disco of their previous offerings. Built around a couple of repeated guitar riffs with an almost glam rock stomp, the single benefits from repeat listens and is certainly strong enough to warrant checking out their album which came out earlier this year.

Dresinen is available from the 25th of June via Moshi Moshi Records.


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