Florence and the Machine – Never Let Me Go

By this point I am pretty sure everyone with the remotest interest in music has heard of Florence and the Machine. Bursting onto the scene in 2009 thanks to BBC’s “BBC Introducing” she has hardly left the radio since. Never Let Me Go aims to keep this trend alive, being released as the fourth single from her second album Ceremonials.

For anyone who has somehow managed to avoid Florence and the Machine so far (though quite how anyone could have managed this without living in a cave I am not too sure), she has managed to create a wholly unique sound for herself - she blends an operatic and powerful voice with a range of piano, strings and other instruments to create huge soundscapes within easily accessible pop songs. Never Let Me Go continues with this somewhat signature sound. It moves the song into the realms of the power ballad, with huge sounding piano and drum parts seemingly designed for the festival sized stages this summer. This matches an almost gospel-like sound in the vocals in the chorus, and lyrically the song follows what is almost the de-rigueur theme for a ballad of lost love, hidden under the metaphor of the seas.

Never Let Me Go is a highlight on the album it is taken from, and one I can only assume we will be hearing regularly from now on.


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