Fatherson - First Born

Fatherson’s profile has been steadily on the rise since the 2011 release of their self-titled EP, which was followed by a string of support slots with bands such as Feeder, Frightened Rabbit and fellow King Tuts label mates Twin Atlantic. Furthermore, they sold out their own headlining release show at Glasgow’s King Tuts Wah Wah Hut and wrapped up last year with a BBC Radio 1 Introducing Live Session. Not a bad way to lead into 2012.

Hailing originally from Kilmarnock, the three piece is currently based in Glasgow and boasts a sound rooted in alternative rock with a focus on pop sensibilities. Upcoming single First Born shows that the band have mastered the loud-quiet dynamic which makes pop music so compelling, restraining themselves during the verses before plunging in and giving it their all during the choruses. The verses race along on a tight rhythm section provided by Marc Strain on bass and Greg Walkinshaw on drum, while Ross Leighton sings over the punchy, staccato rhythm guitar. The verses then progress into visceral walls of sound in the chorus with a catchy refrain, and alternate between these until the song’s climax.

Oddly enough, I find uplifting b-side Kiteers a more compelling listen. It is a majestic piece of powerpop with a more prominent use of the loud-quiet dynamic which the band excels in. Marc holds down a driving bass line while Ross fills the space with his yearning vocals. The band then drops into the chorus where Ross’s falsetto vocals soar over the aural assault of crashing drums and wailing guitars. The melodic interlude breaks into a spacious last verse occupied solely by Ross’s soft vocals and guitar, before the rest of the instruments come back with a vengeance for the final uplifting chorus.

Overall this strong single shows that Fatherson have developed a tight sound which will no doubt land them a lot more radio play in the months to come.

First Born will be released on the 9th April through King Tuts Recordings.


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