The Twilight Sad Live - Aberdeen 01/04/10

First on were local band Indian Red Lopez. Instantly kicking into a set of euphoric indie rock, it was clear that Indian Red Lopez have improved a lot as a band recently. They have become a lot tighter, and their newer songs seem better too. Their incorporation of visuals into their set is always quite interesting, and Indian Red Lopez are sure to be playing bigger slots soon.

Next up were Take A Worm For A Walk Week who are most certainly not believed till you see them. Their 18+ rated performance is interesting to say the least! Their set included lots of fisting actions from the lead singer Joe Quimby, and even at one point there was felatio performed on the microphone stand. Their music however was sadly not as memorable as their onstage antics.

After Take A Worm For A Walk Week the packed-out crowd at the Warehouse began anticipating the main attraction of the evening, The Twilight Sad. As distorted sound surrounded the room, The Twilight Sad finally took to the stage. Opening to most recent album opener Reflection of the Television, everything that is amazing about The Twilight Sad becomes evident to you before the end of the song. The overwhelming power of their noisy, distorted, almost chaotic sound hits you and you become suddenly transfixed by their power. Singer James Graham’s lyrics, delicately balanced amidst the noisy guitars add a beautiful dimension to The Twilight Sad’s chaotic live sound.

The Twilight Sad continue in this fashion for most of their set, barely stopping to address the crowd. However it is evident from the band’s conviction of every note and their passion that they are more than thankful for tonight’s appreciative crowd.

The Twilight Sad are most definitely not a sing along band, however the audience manages to strike up a sing along on tonight’s final song Cold Days from the Birdhouse. The sing along does not last long, though, stopping as soon as the guitars and drums kick in. Walking off stage to the sound of feedback it was obvious that the The Twilight Sad had enthralled tonight’s crowd with a more than memorable performance.

The Twilight Sad played:
Reflection of the Television
Walking for Two Hours
That Birthday PresentSeven Years of Letters
Made to Disappear
That Summer At Home I became The Invisible Boy
I Became A Prostitute
The Room
And She Would Darken the Memory
I’m Taking the Train Home
Cold Days from the Birdhouse

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